Computer repairi can repair any computer problem you may have (viruses, slow computer, hardware problems,etc), i also repair macs and linux pc's
there is a $30 diagnostic charge for unknown problems(this includes hardware and virus scans)
i can remove viruses, install operating systems, multi-boot operating systems, and much more
i can also install hardware and repair computer hardware
i also offer free advice
I can repair any game console (xbox 360, ps3, wii, ds, psp, ps2 and more)
i also can repair cell phones (iphone,blackberry,android devices)
i use professional tools and a high degree of skill and knowledge to repair game consoles and computers
i offer rapidfire services for xbox 360 and ps3 controllers, as well as led mods for ps3 and xbox controller and led mods for xbox 360 game consoles. Also i offer automatic dropshot mods for xbox 360 controllers
the colours available for led mods are red, blue, white, orange, and green
there are a few other colors( i forget what they are)
i can order any colours not listed and you can choose what led goes where
Xbox 360
i can repair any broken xbox 360
i repair rrod(e74, e71, etc), broken dvd drive, laser, etc
i also offer enhancement services for 360, the cost starts at $30
rapidfire mods for xbox 360 controllers: $30-40
led mod for 360 controller:$30
led mods for xbox 360 console:$20
dropshot mod: $25
i can repair any ps3
i repair problems like no power, ylod, etc
i also offer enhancement services for the ps3, cost: $30
led mod for ps3 controller:$30
rapidfire mods for ps3 controller: $40
Nintendo Game consoles
i can repair any nintendo game console
i also offer enhancement services for nintendo game consoles, starting at $35
Other Electronics
i can repair any electronic device you have(ipods, iphones, cell phones, tablets, headsets, monitors), just email me and ask
i also can jailbreak devices
i offer to look at any game console that needs repair for free.
email me if you have any questions about anything listed above or any questions you may have on things that you have that require repair