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S3G SmartPilot Corepack E2
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SmartPilot Corepack for use with 12/24 volt systems. Built in Rate Gyro and AST (Advanced Steering Technology) (Formerly known as the T400 corepack)
S3G Corepack

12/24 volt Course Computer designed for Type 1, 2 and 3 Drive units
30 Amp (40 Amp peak) motor drive output
Recommended for mechanically steered vessels under 77,000 lbs (35,000 Kg)
Recommended for hydraulically steered vessels with cylinder ram sized 14 cubic inches to 30.5 cubic inches

Course Computer
The course computer is the intelligence behind your autopilot system. It includes a powerful microprocessor, programmed with all the steering know-how we've gained over many years and hundreds of thousands of boats. The course computer performs the main course keeping function and also houses the electronic control circuitry for the drive unit and power amplifier. NMEA inputs and outputs enable it to operate easily with equipment from other manufacturers. A SeaTalk interface provides connection to the control head and communication with other Raymarine devices.

Fluxgate Compass
The fluxgate compass module houses a state-of-the-art electronic compass mechanism, capable of tracking your boat's heading with incredible accuracy. The mechanism is gimballed, enabling it to handle pitch and
roll movements up to +/-35o. The fluxgate compass connects directly to the course computer. It mounts on a bulkhead below decks on most boats; if yours is a steel-decked boat, the compass will be mounted above decks, out of the reach of magnetic interference.

Rudder Reference Transducer
This transducer performs a vital role too: it tells the course computer the precise position of your boat's rudder at all times. the rotary model is most commonly required; the linear model is used for hydraulic outboard steering systems. The rotary model is mounted adjacent to the rudder stock, while the optional linear model is mounted on the bullhorn ram of outboard engines.