Breed: Boxer Belgian Shepherd Malinois

Age: Young

Sex: M

Size: M
Thor is in the care of Forever Friends Dog Training School located in Ottawa. Please contact Forever Friends directly for information on how to adopt Thor.
Thor is a 1.5 year old Boxer mix. He is an active dog with high energy. He has obtained basic obedience skills and some special skills training. He enjoys learning and is very capable. He has an amazing nose and has participated in many scenting activities. Thor embraces physical affection and does enjoy his quiet time. He bonds well with his humans and is an excellent household companion. He is crate trained and travels well in a vehicle.
Thor requires a knowledgeable owner who has an understanding of canine behaviour. He can be overly aroused and reactive to other dogs and therefore should be the only dog in the household. At this time, Thor can not partake in any off-leash play with other dogs and should not attend off-leash dog parks.
Thor does enjoy the company of children but should be supervised due to his size, agility and excitement levels.
Forever Friends Dog Training School in Ottawa, Ontario will donate a Basic Training program to Thor&#;s adoptive owners in order to ensure the proper training techniques and in order to encourage bonding in a familiar environment.
Thor is an amazing dog who has been well loved. Thor has been a participant in the Courageous Companions Program. Although it has been determined that Thor will not be a suitable Service Animal, he has developed many useful training skills and will make a fantastic companion for an active individual with a willingness to continue training and time to invest in their partnership.
For more information on Thor, please contact Forever Friends Dog Training School in Ottawa

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Contact: Collie Rescue Network | Toronto, ON